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Thursday, November 17, 2016

TBT Christmas 1990

1. my brother Stephan, husband Herb, Jim hiding in the corner and Bob next. 2. deciding on their next move 3. Not sure what was developing here

Fun in our kitchen with my brother Stephan and his friends Jim and Bob.  These were taken two years before our now 24 year old daughter Thea was born and also the same year purchasing the house you see here.
There were many holidays where playing cinch after a gathering until the wee hours was a thing.  Bob and my husband Herb were the it team, always winning a bid with next to nothing.  Pink Squirrels were the retro foo foo libation this night made from creme de almond, white creme de cacao and heavy cream.  I was too cool using a Tupperware Quick Shake container to mix up our drinks with also adding vanilla ice cream.instead of cream this time.  Bob was running around in my apron :) and what looks like a fight brewing between him and Jim.  They were all good times that are surely missed.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Whirl Wind of a Christmas

Christmas, one of the most anticipated times of the year, was gone in an instant.  December itself, with each passing day, left us with that feeling of where did the week go?  Yes, yes.. Being adults, we don't pay attention to the details of our day to day lives, which contributes to this phenomenon, lol.
It was definitely a merry Christmas.
We went that little extra this year since our Daughter and her family were coming in.  She has not spent Christmas at home for 7 years and now along with her fab self has 2 beautiful daughters adding to the mix.  The addition of little people always adds that extra awesomeness!  
Alice and Elly 
This was Alice's first trip to Pennsylvania.

Alice Jane and her Mom

Prepping for Christmas with some cold smoked cheese and pepperoni

An open house was held for Christmas Eve.

Friends and family Christmas Eve

Princess Elly and Kallie Christmas Eve

Christmas morning stockings

Christmas night @ my Mom's opening gifts
Finishing kitchen trim/new bathroom and laundry doors, baking cookies and cooking supper together when they first arrived from Illinois

Celebrating at my Father's for his birthday.
Around the house.
new trim- wonderful gift from the husband

wall tree with decorations the daughters made through the years

a favorite paper cutter! 

doors and trim finished- yes

A sweet gift from my eldest, Larissa-  a camper bank under the pot holder kitchen tree, for saving money towards summer camping trips.

Christmas Eve- dh and I  :)

Another year under our belts!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Holidays- Christmas 2013

kitchen tree sitting on the primitive pie safe with a collection or ornaments from the Stump's along with my girl's favorites collected along the way such as Sugar Bear, Misfit Toys from Rudolph, Sebastian the crab and decorations made from their little hands.
I hear so many folks sad about the lack of people going out and visiting or treeing over the Holidays and I agree there are less than when our generation was younger.  My thoughts are of course that families have grown away from these traditions of popping in to see what you all have been up to over the year, the Christmas spoils, a nibble and a quick drink.  Quality, I feel, is far better than quantity when it comes to any given holiday.  Families are smaller as well as the time we actually have available to go out between Christmas and New Years is much less.  
large glass lidded dish holding a mix of antique and vintage ornaments on the dining table most from my Gramma Stump
Not having brothers and sisters with their offspring or aunts and uncles with their children continues to make for smaller and smaller gatherings.  There was only my brother and I, my Father did not have any siblings and my cousins are so spread out that it has become harder and harder to have those gatherings we all recall from childhood.  I feel that is what we miss... and our sense of nostalgia kicks in.  I find myself listening to the albums my Grandparents would play during this time such as Gene Autry, Burl Ives, Johnny Cash, Elvis or the gambit of compilations from said stars and other popular singers of that genre/era more at this time.

 Our traditions or the way I have recalled said traditions kicks in high to share with my daughters and new traditions are started, adding to the mix.  We would all gather at my Mom's parents, down the street, for presents, dinner and merriment.  When I say ALL I mean all, know matter who was divorced, their ex spouses still came for it was important to gather for US the children.  I don't know when everyone got all self important and started segregating, it is just a crazy thing.  The families are not growing, we need each other.
oak shelves on the way from the kitchen to the living room is where Christmas cards are displayed among tea pots and fondue pots... on the above shelf not shown
Those yearly Christmas cards are treasured, for who has time with those received much loved.

simple newel post and railing arrangement with my eldest daughter's first shoes, a green tea towel and ribbon 

 This wonderful tree was owned and loved by a family in Mount Jewett. A good friend had an antique shop, over 15 or so years back, called Anderson's Sweet Memories, which is where this was purchased. I think it was actually her husband's Father's family tree. We love it! I asked the youngest which tree this year and this was her pick. They took such good care even building a couple stands to store the branches, the Noma spinning light was part of the original set too.

 play of light from the aluminum tree on living room ceiling
a favorite gift this Christmas, a vintage camper light, given during our annual gathering and gift exchange Christmas Eve here at the house from my fab cousin, love it, xoxo
What is your favorite Holiday tradition?  Anytime I am with family is MY favorite, little things mean a lot...again quality not quantity is the BEST.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Openhouse and Home Vignette Thursday

Home Vignette Thursday
Home Vignette Thursday:  Christmas 2010 taken on pie safe, you see my kitchen tree covered in antique, vintage and retro potholders, terrariums and a corduroy elephant which was created from my eldest dd baby blue pants she wore in middle school.  I wish I had time to make more of these nostalgic stuffies :(

With the Holidays pretty much here the work is coming everyday with metalstamped and forged pendants, bracelets, tiered neckpieces, earrings and rrrrrrrings. New works along with artisan favorites are being created at a crazeeee pace.  Orders are also being filled and sent out all over the country with sweet  sentiments to my dear clients in all forms.  A return customer coupon was sent out in the recent newsletter.  If you were missed just contact me.
A Christmas Openhouse is being planned for November 20th at the Flemish House Art Gallery and Jewelry Studio 1pm to 6:30pm.  There will be artist displays featuring artists from all over the region, new artisan jewelry and Patricia Eckstrom's new framed mixed media work.  Eckstrom is setting up in gallery for that day!
A new pottery artists is joining the mix in the gallery Stacie Johnson Leske!  This artist has just been juried into the PA Wilds Artisan Trail!! I am so excited to carry her gorgeous and delicate work in the gallery :)

November gallery for Lynda Show finished5
A look at the gallery from 2006 with a more traditional gallery featuring Artist Linda Pontzer where she filled the entire space.  I now feature over a dozen artists with a designated space for the feature. 
Pete Winklbauer at the Flemish House Art Gallery and Jewelry Studio April 2011
Another photo with feature Pete Winklbauer in the newer layout of the gallery around April 2011.   The set-up is geared more towards a single feature in this area and then regional along with PA Wilds juried artisans filling the other spaces on a regular bases with change outs seasonally.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Christmas Experience 2005 ;)

I wanted the metal Noma tree this year even though the Family was totally against this grand display of retro loveliness. It has such a stage presence with its twirling carousel spotlight playing off the vintage glass ornaments.
tree decorating 05
antique grapes
tree decorating 05
tree decorating vignette 05
tree decorating 05


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