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Monday, November 24, 2014

List Monday- BIG list of wants and maybe some needs thrown in

Every once in a while putting it out there for the Universe to take note of that crazy list carried around inside of you for far too long is necessary. This is getting it out of your head and on paper (more or less) helping an obsessed type, like myself, see what is doable or perhaps logical in the real world.

THE list:
  1. A hydraulic press with all the accessories or as many as are attainable 
  2. Arbor press 
  3. Rolling mill, preferably the Durston brand
  4. Metalsmithing workbench
  5. Large, very, very large steel anvil
  6. Pepe Guillotine shear to perfectly cut sheet metal
  7. Knew Concepts jeweler's saw with the swivel handle
  8. Fretz hammers and stakes that I am always hammering away at, lol
  9. Exhaust for a soldering station like this wonderful set-up from Connie Fox
  10. Bench Mate system 
The hydraulic press is CHECKED off, there are still accessories such as more pancake dies or texture plates to be bought over the next few years.  The press is going to be here at some point in the next couple weeks.  Today I am having an argument with myself about the jeweler's saw, watched the video a few times today falling head over heals in love.  Brilliant design.

 Lost the argument-   been using Knew Concept Saw in the studio for the last week LOVE IT!!!  

Studio since 2011, WOW I need more room


 black & white 2014

Monday, November 03, 2014

working towards a goal

studio shot by Kaylie Fitch, student work, of me at the bench
Staying on task is a statement teachers make when young children stray from assignments they are given perhaps while attending elementary school.  Artists/artisans also stray from time to time but, I feel this helps bring clarity to life or bring about new work.  This straying can last days, weeks, months or sometimes it can last for years until we start pushing out what feels like cohesive pieces.

The way I feel when first entering the work space now is much different than even a couple years ago.  Grabbing a hammer to forge or setting up that type set for mantra cuffs is like breathing at this point. I am looking forward in having that same vibe while soldering a prayer box or setting a beautiful cabochon in a funky bezel into what is very much MY style.  It is not far away with my brain opening up more and more each and every day towards that GOAL of being more fluid while creating.

another studio shot by Kaylie Fitch showing copper tubing being hammer into a cuff ready for letter stamping
Fall happens to be a prolific time for artists in general with the changing out for the upcoming Holiday season especially being a factor.

The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~Auguste Rodin


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Garden Studio- January Studio Tour 2014

Components at the ready for upcoming work along with Wubber pliers, kiln and storage area.
Some oxidized components, some freshly cut, hammered, wrapped, stamped or in the planning stages with a pattern drawn in using a Sharpie.
No DVD playing today since it is really, really chilly in the studio and would be difficult manipulating small wire.  Shelves of books, packaging ribbon, chains, thick leather cord, dvds, colored Sharpies, wire, boxed hang tags and trail stop display sample on this bench.
Long view of the left workbench, under greenhouse window with fibula safety style pins being prepped, bracelets being deburred, solid brass bracelet mandrel and tumbler at the ready.  Top right dapping set, jumpring cutter set, disc cutter, Lortone tumbler, knife sharpening stone, jumpring coil maker attached to window frame, letter/symbol stamps on glass shelves, aluminum vintage camping storage set for beads and project I am working on or traveling with, solid brass mandrel, etc.
Top view of said above bench giving a size reference for the little Wolf Belt Sander attached to Flexshaft and bench.  If you look closely next to the tumbler you will spy a super house sale find I made over the Summer which is a knife sharpening stone.  It is just like the one my Father owns that I always would someday like to own, now I do.  I have had in my collection of stuff a sweet little brass brush, you see on top and a small brass oil can, on the left, that makes a perfect 3 piece set for knife/tool sharpening.
Sweet little Wolf Belt Sander to be attached to Flexshaft style motors here on the same bench, attached to the piece of oak my dh screwed into the underside.  So far I have created fibula pin points, deburred blanks and cleaned up some old knives with this beautifully made little piece of workbench tool I had to have for my bench arsenal.
Wubber pliers, pendant typeset, maker's mark and PA Wilds branding stamps, steel anvil, cooper hammer and cross pein hammer are in the shot
A sneak peek of a new design being developed @ SDAJ based on an idea created out of my need to have a centering piece with me at all times that is tangible.  Each thread is linked to a loss, worry or expectation that needs to be expended as it is worked by my fingers until gone.
The circular pattern is a visual for working to center with the proverb, this too shall pass, as a mantra.  These will be available in the online shop soon!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Garden Studio- studio location decision

After two years of debating about how and when to add onto the structure housing SDAJ, an aha moment occurred... what if we just turned the back screen porch into the studio, BRILLIANT I say!!!  We could not see having out buildings conglomerating in the back yard when the husband needs a garage for his carpentry business.  Sad to say, yes, this will definitely need to be replaced at some point. 

location now November 2013
  • larger room for creating workspaces to solder, photograph jewelry, classes, kiln fire, bead, precious metal clay, inventory and Livestream video capture.
  • artisan trail tours, openhouses and other events can take place on the outside/inside studio and also since it is right off the kitchen, that space can be used for these larger events too. 
  • pure connection to the main wifi
  • adds living space to the home
  • can go out and work on a whim :) ;)
  • cheaper, time saving, more doable in general
new space, converting screen porch into studio

inside shot from this morning

I am very excited about having the work areas, missing at the same time what was created in this very small intimate studio with it's central stump bench and every other bench surrounding me with tools at arms length.   As an artist's skill level increases more working room is at a premium and will be available here. 
Cost is a great bonus with also the electric being tied into the home's panel box, heating also as well as dh's carpentry skills creating this productive environment not having to hire out.  Some of the steps to be taken are breaking out the stone block, enclosing the windows, adding doors/windows, framing, wiring, insulating, drywall and flooring.  Not starting until after the Holidays but, at least starting ;)

Coming soon to a side street near you!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Staying Focused for my Birthday Month

For the month of February everyday there will be a post on the BLOG talking about new tools, techniques, jewelry listings, photography challenge posts, PA Wilds updates with ETSY team progress and so on. Whatever falls out of my head will be on the blog which could be very, very scary actually.

I did not take part in the November National Writing Month challenge and missed it basically.

I need to keep focused and posting everyday helps!

shop photos jan 27
finishing up grinding down the cut sharp edges of to be Dr. Who quote pendants on the bench.

enjoy, xoxo

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

21 day photo challenge

Recently I participated in Molly O'Bryon-Welpott 21 Day Photo Challenge in celebration of her upcoming 40th birthday, hoot, hoot ;)
This is my collection. I evened it out by adding one of my daughter and I and recent business card for mosaic maker.
I feel photo challenges are extremely helpful to my artisan jewelry business keeping me on task with promoting and experimenting. When you need to take a themed pic everyday, life and work intermix creating a fabulous mingling of life and work. In doing this.. banners, shop listings, avatars, blog posts, newsletters are built or in the works and also that ever so important thinking out of the box state of mind.


Monday, October 01, 2012

Getting Started on Studio Addition

This past weekend we staked out the space coming in at 20' D x 16' W. It will accommodate nicely the large antique sofa, carved chairs, display cases, cafe tables, door displays and church pew from the gallery.
On the left of the small studio is where it will be built, butting up against the brick patio, towards the screen porch making a courtyard type garden area.  This door becomes a window taking this door to the end of the new addition facing the screen porch.
These peach trees, lemon balm and ivy will be a wonderful garden component.  I will plant herbs and aromatics along the path to the front door also in the Spring.
A Spring openhouse will be planned, hoot, hoot!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shasta Compact and working studio

A view from our bedroom towards the artisan jewelry studio and Claire, a 1971 Shasta Compact.
The addition will come out from the greenhouse window out towards you about 20 ft. and then a few feet deeper than the existing 10'x10' space.
An openhouse is being planned the second weekend in June during the Art on the EDGE, artisan trail event and tour.  The 'Shasta' will be decked out also with a vintage style striped awning which is where the studio will serve refreshments out of along with some Atomic Garden Vintage mid century modern . retro . vintage . reclaimed items. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Studio Tour

corner with workbench and tools by Stephanie Distler
left corner of the working studio with pliers, dapping set, disc cutter, sheet metal, hammer collection, anvils, etc.  I am not that excited about the Dremel and can't wait to invest in a Foredom hand drill.
I have closed up the gallery as of February 1st in preparation for opening up my own studio and shop in the gardens at our home. An addition is in the planning stages with being completed by the end of May, is what dh is telling me anyway. I believe him though for I know that he is quite frightened with all the gallery 'stuff' that is now hanging about our home.  He made room for the larger pieces such as the antique furniture and display pieces including a fab, very large, case for the jewelry and the gorgeous horse hair couch and carved velvet chairs.   
more organized 'stuff' everywhere
beading section and wirewrapping along with a dvd goodstuff

I still have space to move about and not pull my hair out trying to be organized even though I have been adding more to the mix from the gallery.  Here is the set from the beginning if you want to see it a bit more spare.

This is a portion of the semi-precious and Czech beads stash for future work

I can come in during the day to work getting lost until my youngest comes home from school.  It is a dream come true having it all at home and will have to pinch myself all the time when the addition is finished and actually out my back door.  What is really going to blow my mind is having 'Claire' our vintage travel trailer as part of the experience also combined with the working studio, artisan jewelry and fiberware shop and her, our Shasta Compact, to sell atomic vintage from or lunches when openhouses or receptions are scheduled.

HOOT, HOOT!!!!! :) :) :)

butterfly bracelet
Yesterday I also assembled this bracelet more on the way along with quotes and riveted rings.


cat and new find

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Thoughts on the New Year

Illinois highway 39 by Stephanie Distler
Illinois highway 39, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
As we were heading home from my daughter's a couple days back my thoughts were on goals. What goals should I state to keep and strive to keep as the months fly by and they do fly.
Let's start in the studio with techniques or skills to build on or a skill that I have not yet sunk my teeth into and then a little on home, moving then to social networking.

  • work more 3 dimensional in building pieces up and out using cold connections and soldering.
  • save money to build a 12'x18' addition off of the working studio.  This addition should have room for displays, classes, openhouses, working on very large projects and a reading area with the furniture from my old Gallery.  I am so excited that I could spin!!!  I have started a design board on Pinterest to compose these plans.  This board will get huge as the weeks go by, so check back often.
  • fusing pure silver wire and precious metal clay....perhaps also glass fusing
  • more wire basket weaving
  • bezel work
  • quality tool investing with Fretz hammers, Foredom Flex Shaft, Foredom grinder/lathe, rolling mill and large mandrels. 
  • first and foremost...learn to make SUSHI!!!!!! I love it so much and will go broke.
  • organize the upstairs including restructuring the sewing/shipping room
  • sort through vintage and retro stash for online shop
  • start listing on Atomic Garden Vintage (etsy shoppe) filling it with mid century modern . vintage . retro and reclaimed/upcycled.  The reclaimed part will be salvaged boards made into serving and cutting boards adding to your cooking/serving experience that will grow as the need grows. 
  • list the bulk of every hammered out piece in each line of jewelry I create +++++

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I did for the last day of November....

gift certificate $25 by Stephanie Distler
gift certificate $25, a photo by Stephanie Distler on Flickr.
Mailed out orders...
created gift certificates...
finished Christmas decorating...
listed on ETSY..
made more rings...
and the everyday drudgery of laundry, cleaning, supper, etc.

Here is one of the scarves that were photographed today also

mustard, ivory and gunmetal soft

I will list a few of them soon on ETSY  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

on the bench with tiered copper and stone necklaces

Putting together the tiered necklaces and simple scarf necklaces with cutting out jumprings, rosary wrapping and finding making.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Broadcasting Live 'from the bench'

I am going through the process of getting a teaching channel up and running from my studio using Livestream.  I should be good to go in a few weeks after my connection is better suited for wireless out in the studio. 
The plan is to have a scheduled broadcast each week! 
So, look for me :)

Watch live streaming video from stephaniedistler at

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Studio Organizing

It has been since November that I added a kiln and torch to the mix of tools in the studio and finally am now able to get the space workable. The walls are lined with benches and tables along with a bead board cupboard and center stump for when a good hammering is called for :)
The building is only giving me a 10'x10' studio which is actually a comfortable space except for a wishful sink and extra outlets.
We are replacing the door with a wooden one that has a window and great hardware and putting a small porch off of the front between the peach trees. I can't wait to set some brightly colored Adirondack chairs under the porch roof, they are actually coming off my house porch ;) The chairs are kiwi, tangerine and them!!!
Perhaps in a couple years a small addition will be built where the greenhouse window is now at such time a sink and heavy equipment station can be added ;)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Rings

DSC09897, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Look at all the pretty little finger dressings :)
Digging into my button stash brought all sorts of pretties for any soiree about town or country, lol.....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another Treasury :)

I am included in another treasury by a wonderful artist from ETSY.
and in this one
Thank-you all!
I need to get busy and create more of these wonderful brooches.
What is better than lettering and beading, and then the combination, oh my....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Necklace creating in the gallery

A sterling silver rosary wrapped necklace called 'Dancing Queen' :)
I made a copper version a couple of weeks back and needed to make one out of silver after the commission piece for a wedding.
I love these beads!
The fire-polished faceted beads are other worldly, love them!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

finished 'L' for Larissa my dd

DSC09605, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

For my lovely Lou :)
She has such an inner and outer beauty.

New Creating

DSC09621, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Copper and Czech beads are wonderful together!
I found some more copper chain and made 2 more
wrapped and linked necklaces. This piece features
Czech fire polished beads, Faux Blue Quartz, Labradorite,
and Tigereye.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

medieval illuminations

DSC09536 (Small)
DSC09546, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Bead embroidery and lettering, such a cool fit.
I can map out versals onto felt with floss and roving... embellishing with semi-precious stones and Czech beads to create an awesome brooch.



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