Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Garden Studio- studio location decision

After two years of debating about how and when to add onto the structure housing SDAJ, an aha moment occurred... what if we just turned the back screen porch into the studio, BRILLIANT I say!!!  We could not see having out buildings conglomerating in the back yard when the husband needs a garage for his carpentry business.  Sad to say, yes, this will definitely need to be replaced at some point. 

location now November 2013
  • larger room for creating workspaces to solder, photograph jewelry, classes, kiln fire, bead, precious metal clay, inventory and Livestream video capture.
  • artisan trail tours, openhouses and other events can take place on the outside/inside studio and also since it is right off the kitchen, that space can be used for these larger events too. 
  • pure connection to the main wifi
  • adds living space to the home
  • can go out and work on a whim :) ;)
  • cheaper, time saving, more doable in general
new space, converting screen porch into studio

inside shot from this morning

I am very excited about having the work areas, missing at the same time what was created in this very small intimate studio with it's central stump bench and every other bench surrounding me with tools at arms length.   As an artist's skill level increases more working room is at a premium and will be available here. 
Cost is a great bonus with also the electric being tied into the home's panel box, heating also as well as dh's carpentry skills creating this productive environment not having to hire out.  Some of the steps to be taken are breaking out the stone block, enclosing the windows, adding doors/windows, framing, wiring, insulating, drywall and flooring.  Not starting until after the Holidays but, at least starting ;)

Coming soon to a side street near you!

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