Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday and also her oldest daughter Ellimena Rai's.  They can go through life celebrating their birthdays together no matter where they end up in the world at any given time that connection is there.
Larissa, 2005, the year before she attended film school +Full Sail University  in Florida with our lovely Marta watching on.
Ellimena loving the pool  while visiting Gramma and Grampa Summer 2013
They are alike in many ways, including their appearance, mannerisms, passions and drive to learn something different each and every day on this earth.   From a very young age Larissa collected books along with starting a logging system to keep inventory of all her stacks contained in that small bedroom of hers. Elly's wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up!  How super is that!!  Larissa continues the learning process with her daughter at every turn with now being employed at the town's beautiful historical library it is even more magical.  Yes!  Her passion for books is now her much beloved career choice!

Happy birthday to Larissa and Ellimena Rai!  May your day be filled with glorious happenings.  xoxo


warm weather strip 1. Tameryn and Pretzel 2. porch lit up w/edison lights 3. Elly playing porch ponies at Grammas 4. fried green tomatoes 5. dock up East Branch Dam 6. Winnebago early summer camping and 7. Spring bouquet

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