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Post 30 for November

What I did for the last day of November....

What's up morning glory?

Cyber Monday Promotion


I am Participating in Small Business Saturday TOMORROW :)

What did you have for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Pretzel Snacking on Thanksgiving

My Record Blogging Month...

:) Trust me, I'm the Doctor

new rings

Today's Holiday Openhouse at The Flemish House Art Gallery

Holiday Openhouse and PA Wilds Artisan Initiative

Quotes on Copper

Holiday Openhouse THIS Sunday the 20th

Treasured in a Geekery Collection

Thanksgiving Organizing



Gala Attending for a Superb Evening

Christmas Openhouse and Home Vignette Thursday

What is on your Jeweler's bench Wednesday

Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Initiative Joins the Ranks of Etsy Teams

I am not READY....

Brussels sprouts w/apples&bacon

Keeping it simple with Branding

New Collection

Networking in the Pennsylvania Wilds and Home Vignette Thursday Resurrected

What is on Your Jeweler's Bench Wednesday

First of 30 Posts