Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Creating Fresh Daily

I am an autodidact or self taught.  I  describe myself  as an artisan coming from  PA Wilds Roots with Rural Organic style. The working studio is housed in our home and focuses on ‘made by these hands’ designs, inspired by nature  These pieces carry with them a sense of place. digging in the garden, hiking in the PA Wilds, shopping for fresh produce at the local farmers’ market, enjoying an IPA at a craft brewery or antiquing on Main Street.  These designs are reminders of our downtime.

-- recent and past shows:
Pittsburgh: HandMade Arcade , Three Rivers Arts Fest 

Philadelphia: Manayunk Arts Festival

Wilkes-Barre: Fine Arts Fiesta

-- PA Wilds shows:

Pennsylvania Wilds ArtsFest, PA Wilds Conservation Shop Buyer's Market, PA Wilds Virtual Makers Market, LH JAMS JAZZ & ART ON MAIN STREET FESTIVAL, Stars in the Arts, PA Wilds Pop-up Shops, PA Wilds Art Invitational at Lynn Hall, Art in the Wilds and Taste of the Arts.

Inktober 2022 combined with a recent Friday Flatlay blog post


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Camping themed pendants featuring vintage trucks and travel trailers

"Over the years my jewelry and mixed media techniques have continually drawn inspiration from those rural traditions that were once everyday life for our ancestors.  A more tactile life or being a part of the process of just living, has become a need in this age of technology for me and so many others. The act of making  with our hands utilitarian wares or more refined artistic works,  from beginning to end, has become a way of living." 

taking new studio photos July 1, 2022

cutting out blanks to finish up a wholesale orders for a local brewery

Distler is a licensed artisan for 
The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, on the Wilds  branded jewelry designs.  Part of these sales go towards the PA Wilds conservation landscape. 
Available for sale here