Friday Flatlay in the Studio

I am finishing up Inktober 2022 and also posting about my Field Note's Summer subscription that just arrived! The Inktober pen & ink sketches for 2022 have been taking me forever and now it is almost time to start 2023's. The above pencil sketch is the beginning of 30 of 31.  This will definitely create happy feels inside my 57 year old head  <3 Not an exact copy of the cover but, just my interpretation of this detailed cover.  Love it!
The cover is this beautifully embossed 'pattern' which fits perfectly into Inkober's prompt for 10/30/22, pattern! 

  • Blackwing matte black soft lead pencil
  • kneaded eraser
  • Speedball watercolor journal
  • antique 8 inch ruler
  • my personal sketch kit
  • Field Notes’ 59th Quarterly Edition, “Foiled Again” 
  • Sakura Pigma Brush Pens - Light Cool and Cool Gray, Brush and Micron,
  • coffee cup from Hughes Pottery
  • Kum pencil sharpener

enjoy, take care-