List Monday

The last time that I posted was May 8th and it was a List Monday themed post.  It made me very happy that only 3 tasks were not crossed off of that list today while working on this new post. Some of the reoccurring tasks were about cleaning out the little bedroom, taking its contents to our storage unit, running to Goodwill, organizing the room and taking Christmas decorations to the attic. This is what that room looks like presently.

This room has been done for a couple of years now and was occupied by our oldest granddaughter while they visited us for 3 weeks. 

Now on to the other bedroom-----

Our middle granddaughter was in the room that needed a lot of work before we picked them up mid-July.  They were so much fun!

I have never wanted to take my daughter's toys to Goodwill over the decades and have kept pretty much all of their play things. The grands enjoy it all which includes Legos, Lincoln Logs, block, Fisher Price, Barbie's, horses, Playskool, art supplies, books and tons more.  I also have what my Mom had for them such as a puppet theater, odd but, cool playsets and doll houses +++ furniture, etc. It is getting way too much and yes, I do realize eventually something needs to be done, lol.  

This last photo shows all of the cool and colorful patches in this quilt that my great aunt Wilda Lowry made.  I love it so much.

Aspirations for the Week- Week 33 of 2023

  1. make and send out honeycomb pattern copper pendant
  2. start cleaning out storage unit
  3. Sign-up for PA Wilds Maker's Market
  4. divide my Gasteria minima f. variegata and Trifasciata snake plant (both overgrown)
  5. recycle Wednesday
  6. Act 13 grant for JCT
  7. schedule a Design Committee meeting
  8. start working on different pieces for Kinzua Bridge PA Wilds Conservation Sho[
  9. ECCOTA mtg. tomorrow
  10. Wednesday Farmers' and Artisans' Market to buy eggs and a sweet wee hand sewn elephant that keeps catching my eye
  11. continue creating IG stories and now figure out Threads
  12. get new SDS newsletter together
  13. make soapy water to help control the Japanese Beetle population on my basil
  14. take a walk
  15. weed cut flower garden
  16. make an eye doctor appointment for check-up and new glasses
  17. clean up camper after guests
  18. plan out new garage
  19. drink more water
  20. Toshiko vet appointment next week 
  21. decide on a mini getaway for our anniversary
  22. Sunday volunteer work at the HEC
  23. Ramsey the Rock Snake additions from the granddaughters :)

 Aspirations for the Week- Week 19 of 2023

  1. finish-up wholesale order for Kinzua (so close to being finished)
  2. move daughter back home from college
  3. Wilds CoPa Let's Taco About it meet-up Tuesday
  4. put together a plank & pot combo for the Alba Monstera, Cebu Blue Pothos and Philodendron hastatum
  5. Alumni Committee meeting tomorrow night
  6. recycle Wednesday
  7. plant basil, peppers, zinnias, calendula, cosmos and other annuals this week
  8. clean out an area of the storage unit for daughter's college dorm stuff
  9. long range planning dinner for Stackpole-Hall
  10. ECCOTA mtg.
  11. Eagle Scout Court of Honor dinner
  12. continue creating IG stories
  13. get new SDS newsletter together
  14. direct sow spinach and peas, maybe lettuce
  15. take a walk
  16. prepare annual cut flower garden in front of the studio with Zinnias, cosmos and globe amaranth ? calendula ? 
  17. make an eye doctor appointment for check-up and new glasses
  18. laundry
  19. shore-up the fence around the yard
  20. drink more water

enjoy, take care-

Stephanie <3