Saturday Vibes, Feeling Nostalgic for Sweet Posie Herbary

Well perhaps not nostalgic for my now closed up herb shop, Sweet Posie Herbary, but, being given a wonderful reminder of that lovely time. I have not grown Sweet Annie or Artemisia annua in my gardens since the herb shop was active back 1994 - 1999 into 2000, This was after my last pregnancy, with our youngest daughter, that the little shop closed. 

How is it possible that these aromatic plants are now showing up.  I also see that some Plume Poppy seeds have decided to sprout, since cleaning out the studio's Zinnia border, in front of the Studio.  

Look at those beautiful historic Johnsonburg paving brick!  After being gifted a stash of Johnsonburg pavers, I knew exactly where they needed to be located, in this little border where they can call out their rich history to all ;)

The above photos are from today and the 2 below were taken in the mid-90s. Look at that sweet tiny Plume Poppy plantlet thriving under the Zinnias! <3 

I still have this fun sign, on our porch, that an artist friend helped me with. It was completed when the shop was opening and before the first Herb & Art festival back in 1995.  

A festivals was held the 3rd weekend in June including an herb luncheon, demonstrations, music and artisan vendors displayed all weekend inside/outside of our home. Here you can see my dad preparing his set-up for spoon carving, under the Sugar Maple, that still stands in our yard.

enjoy, take care-