Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Birthday with my family

My Oldest DD works at the Red Fern in St. Marys. She has loved her waitressing experience with the owners, the Wolfe's since they opened. It is a beautifully constructed building that my DH had some part in the making. He built a lot of the interior and put on the roof.
We had a wonderful breakfast which included one of the owners own created Maple Syrup that is offered from Larry Wolfe.
She gathered Jerry and the wait staff to sing me happy birthday and bring a piece of cake for her Mom. Pam Logue was there for breakfast too with her Mother and Daughter and she sang, which was a nice addition. Thank you Pam!

Red Fern
This was a beautiful gesture from my Lou.
Red Fern

our trip home nasty whiteness of it all
birthday celebrating
birthday celebrating
Our combo SuperBowl Celebrating experience for my *Day*
We also had a great new recipe for baked wings and a pizza custom creating station with different toppings.
birthday celebrating
birthday celebrating

birthday celebrating
06 birth celebrating (Small) (2)
06 birth celebrating
Oh my.... 40


Jean said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephanie! Hope you
had a wonderful birthday.

Roberta said...

Happy birthday!!! And all the best to all of you!!

Stephanie Distler artist said...

Thank you Jean! Yes, we had a wonderful day and turned it into my birthday week, lol...

Stephanie Distler artist said...

Thank~You Roberta! You are so very sweet..


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