Thursday, November 07, 2013

Blog tips- looking through blog posts from the last 8 years

In February of 2005 In and Out of the Studio blog started up.  The blog started out as a home based artisan blog talking about bead embroidery, photography, gardening, family, cooking, etc. and then in 2006 became In and out of the Flemish House Art Gallery showcasing all of the above plus gallery 'stuffs'.  
at the Flemish House during Slater and Martin's reception 2008.  Bradford journalist Tim Hoh, photographer Bill Warmbrodt and artist Grover Slater pictured.
Yesterday I added a widget called Linkedwithin after reading a great ebook by Tristan Higbee called 101 blogging tips where he gave truly relevant and timely advise on blogging.  Have you ever noticed at the bottom of blog posts sometime you will find example of other like posts to click on from that blogger, well Linkedwithin is one of those widget creators.
It has been a hoot clicking on old posts and seeing the evolution a blog takes through the years.  My style has changed as well as the information put out there, lol, some less than other with info for a lot of the posts are pretty short ;)  Blogger's platform went through a big change too a couple years back, I did notice some of the images shrunk at that time but, did not realize to what extent after their revamp.  Large photos really make a difference when it comes to posts that make you want to look further, for small images are just that...small
So click away below at how this blog, that I love, has changed and grown.  Don't be afraid to switch gears, going in a new direction for we DO grow through out the years.  Change is pretty cool.

It  just hit me why my past posts were so short... I was not tweeting or on facebook..or of course instagram was not with us yet.  Now I get the short bursts out in current social media platforms such as the above examples, saving the blogging for the journaling, story telling, on the bench tutorials,  traveling info, recipes and so on.
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