Monday, May 28, 2007

Art In Beads, Art in Glass

The Featured Showing for June is:

My ArtDoll tiles

At The Flemish House Art Gallery/Studio
600 Market Street
Johnsonburg, Pa. 15845

OPENHOUSE SCHEDULED: Saturday June 9th, 10am-3pm

Come meet the artists and also enjoy a workshop/lecture on African Kazuri beads by artist Lois Raubenstrauch during the 6/9 event !!!!

With Grover Slater, Brenda Nicklas of Laughing Dog Mosaics, Pat Eckstrom, Lori Elias, Bobbi Ann Shaffer, Erin Dixon Chorney, Stephanie Distler, Lois Raubenstrauch and more!

Pat's Etsy shoot109
A study by artist Pat Eckstrom

Brenda Nicklas's mosaic of a damaged fairy, very large panel

Bobbi Ann Shaffer Designs with her hankies using the netting technique w/seed beads

close-up of freestyle bead embroidery technique with bead artist Stephanie Distler

The many lives of glass brought to you in the form of beads and mosaics during the month of
June at the Gallery on the corner of Bridge and Market Street in downtown Johnsonburg.

Utilizing Beads as an art form is such a unique portrayal of color, texture and movement for the eye to drink in and then to pair beads with the art of mosaics is a perfect combination for the senses.
HOURS: Tues-Wed-Thurs 10am-1pm and then Thursday evenings 5-8pm
call to schedule in off hours
Call 814.965.2873 or 814.512.1209 for dates and times

Armstrong Opera House theatre interview

Armstrong Opera House theatre3, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Yesterday morning I received a call from WJAC and Dave Roush
to schedule an interview with the owner of our town Opera House.
The piece ran at 6 and 11 that same day and went beautifully, here
is the link and footage

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I have been spinning in life

You see below just some of the activity that I have been setting up, organizing and
pulling off along with the running the Gallery, writing articles for the papers, setting
up classes, starting a coffee shop/art cafe', heading up focus groups for the town, serving
on committees/boards, not to mention running my wonderfully patient family, etc. etc.
The 17th was a focus group held in what was our Theatre/Opera house in which I coordinated and the owner hosted. He is in charge of coordinating the next and then that person will host and so on.
The now owner wants to reopen this wonderful landmark in our history!!! He gave a tour and
proposed changes/restorations he is working towards. I have pics and will post them later.
The Gateway Art League Alliance is planning a road trip to cull knowledge to use towards
helping him for we are talking at least $2 m with the hope for $3.5 m. The one theatre we are visiting is the Barrow Civic Theatre in Franklin Pa., for they received in all $2 m.

District artshow in our gym at The Historic Johnsonburg Community Center.

District Artshow
Elementary and HS art teachers, organizers of the District artshow.
They are two brand new art teachers this year whom in their very ambitious ways decided to
organize our first district artshow. It was a lovely display of K-12 works.
Elementary and HS art teachers organizers of the District Artshow
The show took up the entire gymnasium so, we needed to place the refreshments
in what will be the ART CAFE'. I am going to pick up the little oak craftsmenstyle
tables today as well as the original library style tables that were in the original
library housed in the building. Artwork will be hung as an extension of my gallery
and have a coffee house/internet cafe' housed here also.
future room to house gallery ART CAFE'
A quilt show will be held in July and here you see one of Pat Workman's pieces that
will be displayed.
Pat Workman's modernistic quilt
Wm. Workman is the artist for April/May and here he is showing a life in photography
during his artist meet-up the same day.
Artist Wm. Workman display of his photos through his life
A few of his admirers; Goergeanne Freeburg(curator of the new Historical Museum
housed with us), her grandson Jared and Mr. Parks our executive director's 94 year
old Father.
Artist meetup attendees

Monday, May 14, 2007

Thea and Donnie prom '07

Here you see my Mom, dd and her man before her first prom.
She is getting too much of a woman, she needs to be having picnics under the Sugar Maple in the backyard ;)
She is so beautiful!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Lovely little missing teeth woman!
I pray everyone is having a wonderful Holiday with Family and Friends.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

Upcoming shows and events at the Flemish House Art Gallery

Wm. Workman promo shots for upcoming show at The Flemish House Art Gallery1 (Small)

Workman will be available at the following Gallery/Arts&Culture Committee events
housed in the Historic Johnsonburg Community Center

-Artist Reception: Friday, March 30th, 7-9pm

-Art Cafe': Tuesday May 1st 4pm-6pm
Art Cafe', prepared by the Arts and Culture Committee and Recreational Board, is Featuring:
Johnsonburg School District's Art Show which also runs April 29th-May 5 and the 4-H Art Club of Elk County displays.
The Cafe' menu will be a soup, sandwich & dessert buffet to benefit the restoration of the clubrooms, ballroom, original furniture, Coffee/reading/internet cafe' and updating of the kitchen. An artist Meet-up is scheduled this evening 6-7:30 also for the gallery.

~Artist Meet-Up w/William Workman and other gallery artists- Tuesday, May 1st 5pm-7:30pm
(enjoy soup/sandwich/dessert at the Art Cafe' 4pm-6pm benefiting restorations of the Building)


Gallery Coordinator Stephanie Distler

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Banner, Wahooooooooooo!

I finally was able to get a banner made for my ETSY shoppe since the introduction of the larger allowed versions.
etsy banner 03 07 to start taking pictures of all the new work I have been creating for the last few months, ;) I know, I posts have been spare to say the least. I have just been so insanely busy with the gallery, restoration of the building that houses The Flemish House Art Gallery and family workings that I just sometimes cannot even look at the computer.
A new artist is moving in for April and May, William Workman, 'Pennsylvania, A Coming Home' is the title.
Wm. Workman promo shots for upcoming show at The Flemish House Art Gallery6 (Small)
His black and white photography is in The George Eastman House, Smithsonian and the Pentagon.
Very talented photographer! He will fill the gallery along with his wife's Art Quilts in which I am excited about also!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quilting at the Gallery

Quilting Class runner promo pics7

Beginners Quilting Class

instructor Betsy Parrish

April 10, 17, 24 & May 1 6-8pm (4 week course)
Tuesday evenings.

-A table runner constructed out of 3 sampler blocks;

Hand quilted, appliqué and machine pieced Log Cabin patch.

Reproduction Civil war fabrics are included in your kit.

Awesome color combinations and patterns!

During this 4 week workshop you will be taught the basics plus have the ability to revamp or restructure your piece as you learn.

For ages 12 and over

Creating Wire Findings

instructor Stephanie Distler

March 24th 1:00-3:00 pm

Making your own clasps and ear wires, to give your creations a lovely finish.

Future Classes, Call for scheduling:

Floral Arranging with designer Christine Bressler

Asymmetry in bouquets

Wire Art and Bangles (1 night)

How simple wire can become jewelry.

~stones, beads and copper incorporated in wire wrapping

Bead Embroidered Brooches with face cabochons (1 night)

Using felt, beads, embellishments and a back stitch technique

Bead Embroidered Postage Stamp Brooches (1 night)

Using felt, beads, embellishments and a back stitch technique

Miniature Bead Embroidered Muse (2 nights)

Learning bead embroidery on a small art doll

Beaded Quilts on Nature (3 nights)

Woven beaded art on stone for a unique natural sculpture

All Classes held at The Flemish House Art Gallery's 3rd floor studio.

The Flemish House Art Gallery Studio
600 Market Street/JBG
~housed in the Historic Johnsonburg Community Building
on the corner of Bridge and Market Streets off of Rt. 219

Sunday, March 11, 2007

New small Beaded Art Doll 'Spikey Heart'

Spikey heart, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

Spikey heart4

A new artdoll I am working on using the dry felting technique for embellishing and different bead embroidery stitches.

Jack Northrop woodturned bowls new artist in gallery and Shay Paynes barrel fired creations

Such gorgeous work!
New artist in The Flemish House Art Gallery

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Altered Art Class at The Flemish House Art Gallery

altered art class march 103 (Small)
altered art class march 104 (Small)
altered art class march 108 (Small)

Instructor Erin Chorney
altered art class march 1012 (Small), originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

For anyone who registers for the Altered Art Retreat, they should come prepared with the following:

1. 1 hardback dime store or used book, no more than 200 pages long, with a sturdy spine. Choose a book that calls to your heart or whimsy. It doesn’t have to be a novel. It can be a text book, cookbook, fairy tale, how to, etc.

2. 1 inspirational quote, scripture, etc. that can be illustrated with a simple shape, such as a hand, heart, house, head, body, flower, leaf, tree, sun, star, moon…. Just write it down and bring it along.

3. 1 X-Acto knife

OPTIONAL: A small assortment of brushes. We will be using brushes for applying acrylic paint, gesso, watercolor and glue.


***Bring 1 ziplock baggie full of images of any kind that have been torn or cut from magazines, art books, maps, texts, napkins, etc. or anything graphical and flat. Search your home for old ticket stubs, luggage tags, labels, dress patterns. Bring stuff to swap if you want.

*Ephemera packets will be available for sale at the retreat that will include art paper, paper images, clips, ribbon scraps, fibers, broken jewelry, brads, etc.

*During the retreat we will make one collage, size 12x12, suitable for framing, and begin work on an altered book. We will incorporate these techniques: paper weaving, found poetry, niche, tape transfer, folding, binding… and more!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Snowy Artist Reception January 30th

Woodartist Dan Freeburg
Gallery during Rick Boni with Dan Freeburg and Cliff Stump reception
Woodartist Cliff Stump
Gallery during Rick Boni with Dan Freeburg and Cliff Stump reception

The night was a total white out with the featured artist Rick Boni being snowed in as well as a couple other artists living over an hour away in some cases. Two woodartists were able to showcase their work for this very intimate meet and greet ;) We all were honored with their braving of the elements.
Another reception is scheduled for March 2nd after the Chainsaw Rendezvous in February for all 3 artists.

Gallery during Rick Boni with Dan Freeburg and Cliff Stump reception
Gallery during Rick Boni with Dan Freeburg and Cliff Stump reception
Gallery during Rick Boni with Dan Freeburg and Cliff Stump reception
Gallery during Rick Boni with Dan Freeburg and Cliff Stump reception

Garden Muses and display

Gallery during Rick Boni with Dan Freeburg and Cliff Stump reception

This wire tree is perfect for the display of garden muses that I create out of 12 gauge copper wire & semi-precious stones.
These are the newest, just finished last week! I love these Turquoise stars on the large front pendant.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

I pray everyone is having a blessed Christmas and a most happy New Year!

Friday, December 01, 2006

One of Rick's Carvings

Appalachian Arts8, originally uploaded by mossnbeads.

To me, this rather large carving is gorgeous!


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