Tuesday, August 27, 2013

feeling it....

Yes, it is school time with all of the crazy running around, deadlines/schedules and the nagging that we parents need to spew forth on some level to keep it all on an even course.  
My youngest comes out in the studio to visit while I am finishing up whatever needs to be worked on that day before supper is put on the table.  We chat about it all and I truly love our time with her wheeling over one of the bench chairs in one fell swoop sitting down talking about this days shenanigans.  
I am definitely savoring every morsel... for it goes by in a sna--ap!
available in my ETSY shoppe
Moms and their daughters have an undeniable bond, a force to be reckoned with :)  Before school each year Mother/Daughter jewelry are metal printed on my bench, after typesets are laid out forming a centering string of words  better to ease them into that long school day.  The Moms and daughters have sweet sayings that are just for them, stamping the letters inside the cuff  and then on the top ends ,initials or mom and also symbols on the opposite ends adding to the design or feel of the bracelet.
Moms and Daughter cuff style bracelets HERE
available in my ETSY shoppe
Charm bracelet style too with Swarvoski crystals, Czech, semi-precious and sterling silver charms.  Perhaps My Little Pony meets Tiny Toons was the inspiration ♥ 
Loads of fresh tomatoes were devoured that evening on fresh bread and olive oil with a rather large quantity of garden basil....yummmmm

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shout outs are good

Busy on the bench.  Here is a great shout out from author John Schlimm  

Thank-you John!!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

On the Bench -handmade crimps

Making jewelry from start to finish, using your own components, is a way to put YOUR signature on the pieces coming off table or bench.  Nothing is more relate-able to your potential clients or more fulfilling to you as an artist than handmade closures, beads, earring findings, jumprings, headpins or the like.
 This necklace was made for ME after locating the 6mm leather used as actually I feel another component in the piece, crimped and then a heavy 10 gauge copper wire hammer forged hook attached to various artisan lampwork, wood and glass cane beads linked by wirewrapping.  I feel wearing a design before creating more to offer to potential clients is extremely important working on comfort, wear ability, durability and overall aesthetic.
Since this is mine, the pendant was metalstamped with my signature and then the PA Wilds brand added creating the focus.

Wide shot of materials, tools and  components.  5 & 6mm leather is a beautiful addition in more organic bracelets and necklaces.

An oxidized or natural finish treatment, as seen here on some crimps.  Round nose pliers, small graduated size wrap and tap pliers, side cutters and flat nose or chain nose pliers used to manipulate wire.

16 gauge square and round copper wire, along with 14 gauge round were used for crimps.  The smaller the number the thicker the wire when looking at the gauge size.  The wrapped bead links were done in 20 gauge copper  or 18 depending on hole size for 20 gauge is more suited to double wrap as seen below making some double or single wraps.  I love the look of double wrapping on beads for it adds a relic element especially when oxidized.
In conclusion I love the pieces and will start this line for the Spring adding more metal, attribute words, charms and artisan beads to the overall design having them for sale in the online shoppe and also at Allegheny Outfitters in Warren, Pa. and also Elk County Council on the Art in Ridgway, Pa.  both trail stops not to mention amazing shoppes and galleries.

enjoy, xoxo

Friday, May 03, 2013

Some pre-plant action on the porch for Spring

The beginning of the week, with all the beautiful weather, I started rearranging the main bones of the porch, the furniture.  As the gathering areas of both front and back of the wraparound started making themselves known, my head was deciding what was missing or rather what I have wanted since I was a little girl...a hammock jumped at me.
I found the perfect one on Amazon @ a really fab price.  This Brazilian style choice is a 2 person, 400 lb limit and is portable (for camping enjoyment, lol) I ordered on Tuesday, it arrived the next day since I use Amazon Prime with free shipping.  Our wonderful hammock found it's place next to the gardens with a potted Bay tree, hummingbird feeder, handhewn rough bench my Father made and wicker loveseat.
I have been searching outside curtain options on line and found a great idea using painter's drop cloths here on Pinterest.  We will put up pipe on just this section creating a private area.  My youngest daughter and her friend have been reading or just visiting on it since it came on Wednesday with me giving it a go yesterday for a book break, bird watching, daydreaming etc.  I highly recommend it and feel it is such a good deal for such a fabulous hammock.  Here is the link on Amazon.
Shot from the steps towards the front where you see the Adirondack chairs that are soon getting repainted for it has been awhile :)
Front section showing corner swing.  This swing was my great-great aunt Wilda Lowry's of Clarion Road.  She always had this on her front porch until the porch was hit by a truck mid 80s I think, where it then lived in my Grandmother's basement until I rescued it.  There are a few seat slats needing to be replace but, overall it is a fabulous addition.
Front side totally changed, for last year all of the wicker was located here creating a large seating area where this year pieces of that set are spread out throughout the space.  I wanted a receiving area of sorts by the front door.  To accomplish this a primitive bench will serve as shelving adding height along with this drop leaf table holding mason bail jar candles.  The garden cart will be loaded with aromatics & herbs catching afternoon sun all summer you see it here with it's rust peaking through the white paint in the front corner.  Herbs and such make me smile :)  What herbs can't you live without?
The cart will be brimming with scented geraniums, lemon verbena, patchouli, rosemary, lady lavender, cuban oregano and potted marjoram just to name a few.
Rosemary for 'remembrance' .... hopefully helping me to keep track of my KEYS ;)
Little Elly can enjoy lunch here or legos when she visits her Gramma Stephanie...this makes me smile too :)  HOOT, HOOT!!!
The plants, pillows, rugs and other 'stuff' makes any outdoor space.  This year I am thinking nasturtiums and strawberries for the 11 hanging baskets and also the row of McCoy pots that contain a little collection of succulents on a bench probably the other end for the big garden cart and wicker chair replaced the bench this year.
I still am contemplating a few other additions like perhaps a mirror here above the drop leaf table.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On the Bench -work hardening wire

When making jewelry from wire especially in creating findings for closures and earwires you need to work harden the wire so it does not give when wearing. This is especially important on jumprings and your closures for as we all know your jewelry can get caught on anything pulling rings open or bending your closures opening it resulting in losing that very expensive and time consuming bracelet or necklace.
*A few steps I take are bending while working (normal designing benefit), hammering and also tumbling.

garden studio April 2013 by Stephanie Distler
Here is my wire corner of the studio showing a loverly bouquet of purchased and found with some electrician wire awaiting to be re-purposed that is hanging. This scrap you can easily find in 10 and 12 gauge while you search and find from other online sources for 'new'.  I mainly use 20, 18, 16,  14, 12 and 10 while always searching the shoppes for copper, sterling silver and brass tubing.
hammers work harden wire beautifully while adding texture and personality to the pieces.   A raw hide mallet , 8th from the bottom, is what jewelry artists use to harden without marking the metal.  These hammers are also part of the collection I use to paint texture on metal printed/stamped work.
I use Dawn dish soap, a dollop in, as you see warm water just covering the pieces being tumbled. 
drying the steel shot after tumbling some Doctor Who pendants for it will rust if let to set in the soap/water in the barrel.  

wire while wrapping becomes workhardened and is also very important on a piece such as this bracelet for the  4 customer found treasures (steel shot) design components are not beads and need to be contained securely in the wire encasing them as well as the jumprings.

16 gauge copper wire created crimp hook and swirl closures which I recently made were design hardened, hammered and tumbled for strength.

Such simple steps to keep all of your hardwork safe and in place.

enjoy, xoxo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting ready for a show on Thursday to-dos :)

We're gearing up for the 2013 Feed the Arts Soup Benefit-- The best tasting way to support the arts!

Thursday April 18, 2013
4-7 pm
Sacred Heart Parish Activity Center, St. Marys

Tickets are $10/person in advance and at the door
And include unlimited tastes of the areas finest homemade soups, desserts and breads.

Tickets are on sale now! They are available for purchase in Ridgway at:
the ECCOTA Gallery and Ridgway-Elk County Chamber of Commerce
and in St. Marys at:
The Village Peddler and St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce.

This artisan has been working on PA Wilds brand copper pendants for tomorrow as well as some other wearer friendly pieces for that active person.  These pieces will be numbered, tumbled and oxidized bringing out the artisan created bark texture and patina.  Stringing for this series will be waxed cotton cording for immediate gratification.

the glow from the morning sun...praise God we have sun this morning.. :) happy dance

Stuffing the flight bag with boxes, bags and tissue paper along with the vintage overnight bag where the money box, calculator, cards and everything else I might need at a small show.  Below a storage container houses table clothes, ott-light and other display items.  Keeping it simple this year at the benefit.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

waste not, want not...

Rearranging my studio creating a more practical work space was the objective last week.  The custom orders have been a constant here with the small work space closing in tighter and tighter.   I finally convinced the dh to put a shelf on the one side wall here clearing out inventory in the black jewelry cases, packaging, seed beads and some other 'stuff' allowing me to put the kiln, pmc tools and show tote in a space:

It was not good hitting the kiln with the outside door every time it was opened or having the precious metal clay tools scattered everywhere.

Trying to keep it all organized is interesting, hopefully the addition will come soon!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Mom's are quite Fabulous!

Mother's day is on it's way Sunday May 12th. I am taking orders for made to order Mother's/Family Pendants until April 22nd this year. A lovely coupon is also available online in my ETSY shoppe for all MOM style pendants. All you need to do is use coupon code 'FAMILYPENDANTS' @ checkout and you will get an automatic 10% off of your order.

Many styles are available for that perfect fit between Mom and design.  It is a process between client and artist to come to a point that the artist starts to bring all of the elements together connecting the dots between palette and style of the person involved making a cohesive piece. Lots of back and forth, lol.. by email, discussing in the studio or on the phone developing the work with the vision between jewelry artisan and client.  Orders need to be made and paid for by April 22nd.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Started a Vintage Winnebago Camper Group

After chatting with a some other awesome Winnebago Travel Trailer enthusiasts I asked if they would be interested in a group for us to share photos, restorations, camping trips, decor, etc. and so it was the Vintage Winnebago Camper Group was born ;) I spoke to one of the them a while back which was all to cool for she also is a jewelry artist, Kimberly Arden of www.kimberlyarden.com She is a self-taught, professional artist, working in polymer clay.  Her canes are to die for not to mention the jewelry she creates.

 I am so ready for camping season!!!!!


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