Thursday, September 29, 2011

Local Shows and Upcoming Events

Friday booth shot at the Bavarian Fest

This past weekend's Bavarian Fest in St. Marys, Pa. was great! I was planning on setting up out of Claire, my 1971 Shasta Compact Vintage Travel Trailer but, felt very uncomfortable leaving her there on the boulevard for 3 nights.  I will wait until Spring for her big debut and also her awning will be a great addition to the overall set-up. 
Join the conversation on her blog where the story will continue along with many, many photos :)

My good friend for many years, Patricia Eckstrom also displayed her fabulous botanically and koi inspired framed work in the space next to me.  I have known her ever since I had an herbary where she would show at an annual Herb & Art Fest I organized at my home, gardens and shoppe.  We became fast friends and have had many adventures in the art world.

The organizers did a wonderful job and I am sure it will grow and improve for years to come. 

Patricia Eckstrom's work
I now am working on replenishing monograms, button/Czech wrapped rings, tiered stone and copper necklaces, rosary wrapped pieces and themed work for galleries and Pa. Wilds Trail stops.  Monday the Elk County Council on the Arts received a new collection of Stephanie Distler originals now available there.  My next collection will be available at the Cameron County Artisan Center in Emporiuim end of October. 

I have been busy listing on the ETSY shop and will continue that process.  It does take too much time away from the bench with the social networking part of an artist's life. 

My next post will be all about the October 14th thru the 16th Art on the EDGE artisan trail featuring galleries, studios and shops.  My gallery will have an author and book signing, juried pa. wilds artists and a reception for a new featured artist during that weekend.

Back in the studio!!!


Friday, September 02, 2011

New Listings on ETSY

I have been a listing machine putting up many different new items plus, editing other listings with the new options they provide now for the artists and shops. 
It is cool just seems like it still takes forever to list :)  I  have also listed more of the Printed Metal stacked pendants showing the different variations and choices available to you.
here is one of my smaller wrapped wire fern brooches

3 Stacked trio of Silver, Copper and Brass FAMILY Pendant


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Garden Studio in August

I find more and more that I am setting up little corners to get me motivated especially this month for it has been extremely busy in other areas of my life.  The MOM and FAMILY pendants have been a staple as well as the button rings and anklets. I am making new lines of brooches and jewelry to celebrate Fall and the upcoming Holidays with more pieces gearing towards color, texture and statement that I am very excited about.

 The greenhouse window is perfect for not only the light it gives but, also spots of color. 
window collection in studio
cubes of stone, diochoric ferns, purple die, shells and
vintage beads in and amoungst a small line of vintage
pop bottles

marbles and buttons above the soldering bench

radio in studio
daisy chain and a retro radio next to a book

antique, vintage and clay marbles
found glass  marbles from the vegetable garden along with clay
in the greenhouse window

knotted heart
One of my newest Celtic Heart necklaces on it's way
to the Gallery soon!

My website has also gone through some upgrades the last week and will continue to be revamped through the month of September and October so check back often ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have bagged MY web

I am an artist on and also committee member for an Artisan Trail called Art on the EDGE.  We also host meet-ups to benefit all involved with the arts in our County and include some art friends in the surrounding counties.  This past session was called 'Show Stoppers and Marketing Basics'  This session focused on tackling art show and festival applications including a database of local shows, what jurors look for from an applicant, as well as setting up a vendor booth that will wow potential buyers.

Topics  also included the basics of marketing artwork successfully using web-based social media, website builders, and other marketing strategies. In addition, Ta Brant from the PA Wilds Artisan Initiative will present a talk on the initiative and how it can benefit regional artists.

Social media is the topic I discussed showing my list of networking sites.  In the Bag the Web site I have only listed the more substantial in my list of many sites I have used throughout the last 10 years.   It was great giving this talk for it made me  really look at my ever growing mass of social sites and break it down to the best or most geared towards my needs to grow as an art business.

The guest speakers included:
Bobbi Mennetti Shaffer on show basics
Marilyn Blackmore director of Art in the Wilds  what shows are looking for
ME Stephanie Distler 'social media'
Ta Brant Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Initiative
Abbi Peters on setting up a drag and drop website

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visiting the RV Hall of Fame

In July my husband and I went to pick up our Grandbaby, Elli, in Illinois and enroute back after her 2 week visit in Pennsylvania where she stayed with us we stopped with her at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana

We had a wonderful time viewing and exploring the 70 Vintage Travel Trailers along with the modern RVS starting with the hand builts of 1913. They were amazing the way homebuilders took avantage of every inch customizing the cabinetry perfectly to house all of your camping wants and needs.

The grand baby was perfect as always eventually taking a nap in her buggy :) I took away some amazing ideas for my own 'Shasta' as well as the NEED for a Yellowstone 1950's trailer. The 2 doors with round windows is a killer as well as the inside layout including the dividing wall, perfect kitchen and bright aluminum skin. I could do amazing things with this model, love it, love it. I see there is a Yellowstone on Tin Can Tourist's classifieds totally redone from the inside skin to perfection.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recent Taste of the Arts Participation

Taste of the Arts was a great show! The show is just 10 minutes from my house and a nice way to touch base with friends, local artists and new clients. I sold quite a few anklets and vintage/retro button rings during the course of the day along with a few higher end necklaces making it a pretty fair success.

I was next to a very talented photographer Molly Welpott

We had a fab time comparing notes on our social media networking and our love of Pinterest. Here is a link to all of my boards and pins on Pinterest

My good friend Bobbi was also there as a vendor as well as organizing the event for she is the artistic coordinator at our local Arts Council. Bobbi also makes artisan jewelry! Her work is pretty amazing :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Participating in Taste of the Arts this weekend!!!

I am always excited to set up at Taste of the Arts held in conjunction with Ridgway's Tasting in the Wilds

For the last two years the Elk County Council on the Arts has set the show up in a pavilion on the grounds instead of a group tent.

We are going to have a nice assortment of artists and artisans this year including artisan jewelry, photography and pottery. Thanks to ECCOTA's artistic coordinator Bobbi Shaffer!

The event is always a hoot with all the micro breweries and wineries along with the tasty food vendors to fortify your day of over eating and sampling the libations :)

I can't wait to try out my new display and also looking forward to this year's festivities including live music!!!

new bunting from magpieandcake

I just ordered an 11 pennant oilcloth and chalkboard flag bunting from an etsy shop called magpieandcake. I love it!!! Such a fun addition to my artshows and 1971 Shasta Compact Vintage Travel Trailer, yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy :)
I have been looking for one that could withstand the weather and the oilcloth buntings that she creates are perfection.
I will at some point have another one created with the chalkboard fabric flipped to show every other next to the patterened oil cloth instead of all on one side.
The palette I chose will flow with the new upholstered dinette of dusty aquamarine.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for mobile shops and studios!!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

birdie bliss

Today was a day to plant the vegetable garden and play with our cockatiel Pretzel.


I have some colanders and pans hanging above the sink. The bird was tired of the window sill, so he decided to climb up on the Asian strainer to watch the outside bird feeders. A few chopsticks later and we have a great little play area when one needs to unload the dishwasher ;)

Friday, May 13, 2011

using the space

The space flows very nicely and has made some commissions come together quicker and with less work involved especially in trying to locate materials and tools ;)



Some of the book collection along with a sketch pad. I love my retro radio :)

other side of that bench with lilacs on sill, wire, etc. Remember those are just temp shelves, dh is building some when time permits.
Great corner to do some light polishing or stringing for now. I am picking up a small bench polisher/grinder tomorrow. If you look to the back of the bench towards the window you see a tube cutter, hand drill, brass mandrels my Father had made for me and other odds and ends.
closer shot of the bench corner...

I just finished a MOM piece with hand cut SS hearts and crystals. The wood scrap has been a pre stamp surface used to help prevent spacing errors. The wood helps especially when the price of silver has been through the roof to not waste material.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

more on studio with photos


My studio is really coming along now here you see the 'stump', workbench and bead board cupboard which holds tons of tools like dapping sets, disc cutter, hammers and other necessities needed in the space.
The greenhouse window adds a sense of space plus more shelving which is where all of my letter and symbol stamps are living at the moment.


I was going to use the blue bench for a temporary jewelers bench but, it just was not happening for me. The bench is probably going to be where my torch will live for now though until I start living in the space to see what works and doesn't. I chose a work table I found at a house sale last summer. The table is the perfect height with even a pre-drilled hole on the left corner to screw down a small brass anvil my Father gave me years back. It will do until my dh makes a true bench fitting in that area including the large crescent cut-out for the bench pin, apron type drawer for filings and another drawer for all of my immediate tools like pliers, files, etc.
The primitive shelves on top of the blue bench are going on the walls here as soon as dh can get to it..what is that :)
Kiln on the zinc garden table.


Work space for now. I still have more tools to bring home today from the gallery in town. It is so very nice to have everything gathered in one workable space which will make it tons easier putting together all the new works in my brain.
Under the table sets a crate with old mags my Grandmother save forever from 1965 for needcrafts. One of them is setting on the table, I am loving the graphics, ideas and color combinations. It is amazing how popular art or crafts of any given generation cycle back up to the present with continuing to do so. I will take more photos of these too cool publications as I go through them in the next few weeks.
I also have a huge box of candlemaking things including tons of molds to trade or sell that were my Grandmother's if anyone is interested, just let me know :)

So what do you think? I am loving having more room than I did behind the display case at my gallery and do realize when I want to invest in grinders/polishers, rolling mills and whatever very large equipment I need in the next stage of my journey is going to be a tight squeeze..but, I will work out a solution. The stool needs upholstered which will drive me crazy until it happens ;)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Studio Organizing

It has been since November that I added a kiln and torch to the mix of tools in the studio and finally am now able to get the space workable. The walls are lined with benches and tables along with a bead board cupboard and center stump for when a good hammering is called for :)
The building is only giving me a 10'x10' studio which is actually a comfortable space except for a wishful sink and extra outlets.
We are replacing the door with a wooden one that has a window and great hardware and putting a small porch off of the front between the peach trees. I can't wait to set some brightly colored Adirondack chairs under the porch roof, they are actually coming off my house porch ;) The chairs are kiwi, tangerine and them!!!
Perhaps in a couple years a small addition will be built where the greenhouse window is now at such time a sink and heavy equipment station can be added ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Smiles

My blogging has returned!!! I now can connect blogger to my website..yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!!
I have so many things to tell you since February of 2010 :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

This Year's Bean Dinner

Civil War Bean Dinner
4th Annual Civil War Bean Dinner
As originally served by the Women’s Relief Corp to Benefit Civil War Veterans in the 1920’s

February 18th
4:00 ‘til 6:00
COST: $7.00 per dinner
The Johnsonburg Community Center Gymnasium
Sponsored by the: Recreational Board, the JCC director and The Flemish House Art Gallery

Home-made baked beans, cornbread,
Hot German and cold potato salad, apple sauce, bread and butter pickles and molasses spice cake w/cream
~Sam Macdonald author of ‘The Urban Hermit’ and 'The Agony of the American Wilderness' talk and display
~A Civil War ‘home front’ display in the Gymnasium coordinated by Georgeanne Freeburg for all to view
~Civil War reenactors

To Benefit :
Johnsonburg Community Center w/ a donation to 2010 Bicentennial

Any Questions
Call Stephanie Distler
814-965-2873 or Chris at 814-965-2010

****Reservations for large groups requested

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Forged Heart Pendants

Making brass and copper hearts for Valentine's Day using different techniques on each one, some with wording and then each with a different German firepolished/faceted charm. Lots of hammering for diff textures along with using pliers for bending and twisting :)
Available at The Flemish House, Elk County Council on the Arts and The Shop on Main in Ridgway. I will be listing a couple on ETSY soon.
Making more today!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some photos from dd's baby shower

My friend Abbi took this photo of our immediate family during Larissa's shower!
Starting from the back l to r Herb, me, my Mother, Herb's Mom, my Father, step Mom Jeanette,
and then my 3 wonderful daughters, Tameryn, Larissa and Thea.
The shower went really well even though it was raining and freezing all day long :)
She is due March 15th, which just so happens to be her sister Thea's b-day, lol and 4 days before hers. goodtimes, goodtimes.... It was great getting a photo of all of us together since Larissa lives 800 miles away :(
Thank-you Abbi!

Friday, January 08, 2010

what is up at the Gallery....

The Holiday Season went grand as well as the 'Johnsonburg' Book sales in November!
We had a very successful book signing with the author along with A Community Christmas starting at the JCC where I am housed and also through out town in the same time frame.
I am now pulling down all of my decorations at home as well as getting ready for some house redos with rewiring the upstairs, painting the steps, setting up a sewing studio as well as an outside metalworking studio that will be wonderful in the summer when the gardens are there for inspiration ;)

We traveled to Galena, Illinois to visit my eldest daughter for a week and then traveled back with her to Pennsylvania where she stayed with us another week and then flew back on the 15th of December, funstuff... She is such a cute preggie! We held a baby shower for her too inviting friends and family during a very snowy, sleety, crazy day. For those of you that aren't aware..I am going to be a Grandmother for the first time!!!! She is due on March 15th the same birthday as my middle daughter Thea which is a lot of fun. Larissa's birthday is also the same month as well as my Mom ;) They are going to give birth to a girl, Ellimena Rai!

I am now getting ready for Valentine's Day and putting some new oriented, as such, items in the Gallery, Shop on Main and ECCOTA. I will also put a few things on . I have some new designs and can't wait to show you!
New artists are being scheduled for the gallery as well as events, designs and inspirations!
It is going to be an exciting year!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday shopping at The Flemish House

Mae Charm Designs artist Sara Gerber



I had a book signing last evening that went exeptionally well!
Here you see the author, Dennis McGeehan, and Johnsonburgian Cindy Elmquist.
The new window dressing along with offerings from Little Mill Creek and the fab photography of Bill Warmbrodt.
I have more new artists in the gallery and will show pics later in the week...stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Upcoming at the Gallery

johnsonburg book

News from the Gallery:

  • new artists with their lovely items such as pottery, felt Christmas trees, mirrors & chalkboards, cards, photography, jewelry, etc. etc.
  • book signing on the 22nd at 4pm with Dennis McGeehan(look below)
  • Community Christmas 4-8 on the 22nd in Johnsonburg and The Johnsonburg Community Center
  • taking orders for custom pieces such as Mom pendants
  • don't forget, I also have a nice inventory of beading supplies including semi-precious stones
  • new map will be available by the holidays of local artisan shops and studios including food artisans
  • two shops in Ridgway also carry 'me' ECCOTA and The Shop on Main

November 22nd, 4pm
The Flemish House Art Gallery presents
Author Dennis McGeehan
signing his newest book 'Johnsonburg'
600 Market Street
Johnsonburg, Pa. 15845
This wonderful book includes 228 photos of our town!!!

Book Description:
Johnsonburg, the “Paper City,” is situated at the juncture of the east and west branches of the Clarion River in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains. Its prime location guaranteed that this vibrant community in Elk County would flourish. Surrounded by trees, Johnsonburg made a living from wood. Sawmills, tanneries, and a large paper mill have dominated the lives of the Italian immigrants and other groups that settled in town. River transportation gave way to railroads, and Johnsonburg became a hub of rail carriers moving freight and passengers. Its riverside location also had disadvantages, and the history of the community is measured in flood years. Johnsonburg was frequently flooded, but the people never gave in to hard times. Today Johnsonburg is still mostly surrounded by trees, and the forests have made the area a sporting paradise. Hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation are an important part of the modern economy.
Author Bio:
Dennis McGeehan, a college history professor and freelance photographer, is the author of Elk County, Ridgway, and St. Marys. He lectures widely on his extensive worldwide travels. A resident of Kersey when he is not on the road, he keeps busy photographing the Allegheny National Forest and the Pennsylvania Wilds.

This event is also scheduled during:

Johnsonburg Community Christmas
Community Christmas 4-8
Activities scheduled in the Johnsonburg Community Center include
artisans, soup sale, parade and Santa

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mother's Pendants and Such

Letter stamps and disc cutters are the necessary tools for this new item I have available for the Holidays and beyond. This piece is one I made out of brass for myself including my 3 lovely daughters with their birthstones. I also used a dapping punch and block, wood ones, to create the dome shapes.


Another version for a single child also using brass and more crystals one for the child and the other for the Mother, along with a freshwater pearl symbolizing hope. The bird stamp is so sweet and perfect for this type of work :)



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